Galeno Sys is a telemedicine tool for remote cardiac rhythm monitoring, based on the concept of eHealth and Internet of Things technology.

This system allows cardiological monitoring of patients who are hospitalized, at home or undergoing rehabilitation exercises, wirelessly and regardless of their geographical location, favoring the accessibility, universality and quality of a patient-focused service.

The system is made up of a device, a server and a web platform.

Through four electrodes placed on the patient’s chest, the device acquires the electrocardiographic information and sends it to the server. This information is accessible to health personnel through the web platform that allows remote management and visualization of the graphs of up to six ECG channels in a historical and real time manner.

Using mathematical algorithms, the system is capable of filter, categorize and alert about abnormal events.

These events can be viewed and assessed by health personnel, allowing rapid diagnosis and action. Alerts about abnormal readings in a patient are reported in real time and in urgent cases the system could automatically trigger a request for assistance.

GalenoSys main applications

In-hospital cardiac
rhythm monitoring.

Cardiac monitoring
at home hospitalization.

WiFi-Holter for prolonged
time monitoring.

Improve quality care to centers without established specialists.

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